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August 1, 2024 - 8:30 AM ET

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Company Overview

Perimeter is a leading global solutions provider for the fire safety and oil additives industries. At Perimeter, we characterize the solutions we develop as ‘Solutions that Save’ – because it helps underscore what we are trying to accomplish for our customers, and the world at large, across all of our business segments.

Our Fire Safety business is a formulator and manufacturer of fire management products that help our customers combat various types of fires, including wildland, structural, and those involving flammable liquids, among others. Our Fire Safety business also offers specialized equipment and services, typically in conjunction with our fire management products, to support our customers’ firefighting operations. Our specialized equipment includes airbase retardant storage, mixing, and delivery equipment; mobile retardant bases; retardant ground application units; mobile foam equipment; and equipment that we custom design and manufacture to meet specific customer needs. Our service network can meet the emergency resupply needs of more than 150 air tanker bases in North America, as well as many other customer locations in North America and internationally. The segment is built on the premise of superior technology, exceptional responsiveness to our customers’ needs, and a “never-fail” service network. The segment sells products to government agencies and commercial customers around the world.

Our Oil Additives business provides high quality P2S5, primarily used in the preparation of ZDDP-based lubricant additives for critical engine anti-wear solutions. P2S5 is also used in pesticide and mining chemicals applications.

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