Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)


9 Months Ended
Sep. 30, 2023
Business Combination and Asset Acquisition [Abstract]  
Business Combination
On November 9, 2021 (the “Closing Date”), PSSA consummated the transactions (the “Business Combination”) contemplated by the business combination agreement with EverArc Holdings Limited, the former parent company of PSSA ("EverArc"), SK Invictus Holdings, S.à r.l., ("SK Holdings"), SK Invictus Intermediate S.à r.l., ("SK Intermediate"), doing business under the name Perimeter Solutions and EverArc (BVI) Merger Sub Limited, incorporated in the British Virgin Islands and a wholly-owned subsidiary of PSSA (the “Business Combination Agreement”) dated June 15, 2021.
Pursuant to the Business Combination Agreement, EverArc entered into an escrow agreement with SK Holdings and Wilmington Trust, N.A., a national banking association, as escrow agent, which provided that approximately $7.6 million of the cash consideration payable pursuant to the Business Combination Agreement be held in escrow pending a determination of the post-closing purchase price adjustments under the Business Combination Agreement. On March 3, 2022, the post-closing purchase price adjustments under the Business Combination Agreement were finalized. Approximately $7.6 million held in escrow was released and an additional $1.6 million related to the difference in estimated and actual working capital as of the Closing Date was also paid to SK Holdings.